Thursday, July 22, 2010

Line Launch at ENk NY Show

We are so excited to introduce r v t s jeans at the ENK Show in NYC from July 18th through the 20th. We are born from the love of denim, respect for history and refashioning denim for the modern customer.
who we are...
We are soul sophistication for the premium denim customer. We know that these things are true: style comes from within, it's how you wear it, confidence is everything, and respect is earned.
We are a fine team of denim experts that care about kinship, integrity, style and making quality jeans in the USA. We've developed a jean with many details on the inside to make our customer feel special; little mischievous, like they have a secret. There's a hidden coin pocket on the inside, a detail stitch and rivet on the inside fly, and pocketing that has been adapted from a vintage Indonesian batik print. Unzipped secrets.
Our goal is to provide timeless cool. Our classic cool details, washes, and fits will provide plenty of confidence by highlighting your assets and making them the best they can be. There is a fit for everyone. We offer 4 women's fits: bootcut, slouchy ankle, and skinny. The ankle and bootcut have an easier cut waistband to let you wear them low on the hips for a more boyfriend feel or higher on the waist. The skinny and legging have a contour waistband to ensure a sexy fit. Then we offer 3 men's fits: bootcut, slim, and straight.
We care about sustainability in regards to being socially and environmentally responsible. We are making conscious decisions throughout our manufacturing process and are proud to make all of our jeans in Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A. with the best denim factories in the world.
Be passionate about something! Come let us show you why we're so passionate about what we've in store, and this is only the beginning.
r v t s jean company